Solar Panel Roof

Any building construction starts from the foundation and rises gradually from floors, plinths to walls and roofs. An ideal Gaushala should have the following buildings and structures necessary for the proper care and management of cattle population of different categories.


Primary Cowshed

Solar Panel covered Roof



Construction of solid manure pits

Manure pits should be located far off from the animal sheds, as fresh manure lying near animal sheds is an ideal breeding ground for insects and flies. For reason of hygiene, the manure pits should be located at a minimum distance of 10 metres from wells, rivers and tanks. In Gaushalas it will be better to construct a number of small sized manure pits rather than one big manure pit. For ease of dumping and lifting of manure from the pit, the depth of the pit (height of retaining walls) should not be more than 7 feet (4 feet underground and 3 feet over ground). The width of the pit may be at least 15 feet in order to allow tractor trolley to enter inside for unloading and loading purposes with a ramp at the entrance. The walls should be made of bricks or cement concrete and should have a thickness of 22.5 cm. The bottom of the pit should not be left earthen to prevent excess water to seep into the soil.